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Please send your order to oder by mail to

Garden of Fools, Postfach 200616, 42206 Wuppertal

Please note the "Terms and conditions of trade"

Do not forget to tell us what size you take!

Tour 2008 Poloshirt


Print: Front and backside

black S, M, L

15,00 Euro

Tour 2008 T-Shirt

100% Cotton, 180g/qm

Print: Front and backside

oliv in M
10,00 EUR

Fools Garden - Shadow T-Shirt

100% Cotton, 180g/qm

Slim style

Print: Front

white in M, L, XL

10,00 EUR

Ready For The Real Life

Fruit of the Loom T-Shirt ,

V-neck - modern style

black in S , M, L, XL

10,00 EUR

Why did she go ?
(quite big style!)
white in XXL
Cover front - Text on the backside

5,00 EUR

Rainjacket black
in L and XL

15,00 EUR
Luxurious-Rainjacket blue
in XL

15,00 EUR

Sweat Shirt ( Troyer )
Mocha-brown with embroidered Fool' s Garden
in the same color on the right sleeve
in L

17,50 EUR

Kapu Sweaty 25 miles green
in L and XXL

20,00 EUR

Fools Garden Team